Rural Health Care

The Rural Health care is started by the organization during 2001-02 to render the service to the local poor people. Our mission is to eradicate the lack of health care facilities in rural India through the deliverance of affordable quality health care by opening primary health care units in those remote villages where health care delivery system of the state is sparse. Since our aim is to reach out to those people who cannot afford to spend money for quality healthcare, our model of work is designed to meet their ends. Facilities of IPD and OPD treatment with free medicines are provided to the patients. The volunteers of NSP and its health workers are providing services to the sufferings.  The rural health care is catering to the health needs of these communities through center based treatment & mobile dispensary. The Rural Health Dispensary extending institutional health delivery service at Dayavihar.

Clinical Health Service

Clinical Health Services focuses on disease prevention, community and individual education and wellness. Basically Clinical Health Services categories itself into three specialized group. The respective groups are follows (i) Prevention for Adult Men,(ii)Prevention for Adult Women & (iii) Prevention for Children. Understanding the needs of clinical health service in this part of the block, NSP Provide clinical support services (pathology, genetics, pharmaceutical care, clinical nutrition and medical fitness) which is deficient in this respect. It has initiated a Nobel enterprise of running hospital since the year 1995-96.

Benefits offered: The hospital all hopefully is capable of addressing to the need of 50,000 rural populations, who very often suffer from several endemic symptoms like dysentery, typhoid, jaundice, malaria etc. The intention of NSP is to focus on and integrate prevention into patient pathway to reduce decease progression, prevent complications and relapse as well as maximize coping and quality of life.

Yoga Classes

With a view to facilitate and promote yoga education for creating healthy interaction and balance in various aspects of human personality, We(NSP) providing Yoga & Meditation classes so that people learn to cope up with the stress & strain of the hectic daily life and also become physically fit. We deeply believe that yoga is not only an ancient art, but also a very precious treasure which is extremely helpful in our contemporary world full of stress and anxiety. Our mission is to share our joy, health and bliss with people from all over the world. We now come together to share the beauty and benefits of yoga – on a practical and theoretical level and also provide various camps in our communities. These camps are also useful as they guide the people back to nature and natural way of life.

The organization has been conducting the Yoga education/Training in Puri district since last 10 yrs.The organization has also planned to conduct the programme in more effective manner during the coming years.

Donate Now

Whatever the amount big or small every rupee counts in a time of need!...Its Connects the Kind hearts with Kind hands…Your Donation will bring us closer to our goal. You can either donate by Check or Demand Draft made out to 'Nilachal Seva Pratisthan' or you can transfer the amount by using Net Banking. The bank details are as below.

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