The International Commission of Education for the twenty first century has emphasized that one of the principal functions of education is fitting humanity to take control of its own development. It must allow people without exception to take their own destiny in to their own hands so that they can contribute to the progress of the society to which they like, founding development upon this responsible participation of individual and communities. It has underline, no talent hidden like buried treasures in any individuals remain untapped. It is especially applicable to the Persons with Disabilities (PWDs).

Particularly in the field of Special Education, lack of human resources has been creating obstacle for imparting education of the special children as well as mainstreaming in the society. Keeping the above view in the mind and achieving the national goal of universalization and Millennium Development Goals by 2020.

Nilachal Seva Pratisthan (NSP), has come forward and established Disability Rehabilitation and Training Centre (DRTC) in 2010 and started Teachers training programme in the field of Special Education i.e. Diploma in Education - Special Education (MR) and Diploma in Education - Special Education (DHH) which has presently become a centre of excellence in the field special education. The aim of Diploma in Special Education courses is to develop professional for Special Education within a broad framework of education in the current millennium. The course enables pre-service teachers to acquire knowledge, develop competency and practice skills to impart education to the Children With Special Needs (CWSN). After completing this course, the candidates will be eligible to work as Special Teachers in Special Schools, Block Resource Person/Teacher under RTE of SSA, and to appoint as Sikshya Sahayak in General School etc. The both Training Programmes are accredited by Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI), New Delhi. The intake capacity of the both centre is 30 in each stream.

Special school for the Mentally-Challenged Children:

In an effort to care for the mentally challenged children of the communities, NSP opened a Special School for the Mentally-Challenged Children in 1992. “NSP” has been providing special education to the mentally handicapped children through the efforts of our well trained staff, who are well qualified in special education. The teachers have all been trained but the extraordinary thing about NSP is the atmosphere of love which surrounds it and the extraordinary support it gets from its vibrant Parent/Teachers Association. As you know that It is truly a herculean task to inculcate self-independence among the mentally retarded children. The education and training of these children differs a lot from that of normal children. Their syllabus has to include self-dependence, etiquettes, conversation, everyday activities etc. While chalking out their syllabus their level of I.Q. and behavioral problems have to be considered. Their home environment is also required to be weighed while chalking out the syllabus. Since there is no safe method to teach these children, each child is a class by himself requiring special attention. We are providing behavior modification of the mentally handicapped through the services of physiotherapy, speech therapy, music therapy, yoga therapy and special education techniques by a team of interdisciplinary teachers. The mentally retarded children are also deputed to participate in the various tournaments/events organised by government/semi-government and autonomous bodies as well as other social service organisations and schools. The mentally retarded children are afforded an opportunity to present their individual performance and/or group performance in the field of art, acting, dress competitions, drawings, dance competitions, cultural programmes and also outdoor sports events like running etc., or in-door sports like carrom etc., in order to get them exposure to the outside world with a view to inculcating in them the feeling of self-confidence. The main objective of the programme is to bring about varying degrees of improvement in the lives of mentally challenged and integrating them in regular institutions of learning and society in general.

Special School for Deaf and Blind children:

Most special schools in Odisha serve children with a single disability, such as blindness or deafness; children with multiple disabilities are often left out. But NSP has helped to establish special education units within schools for children with single disability such as blindness, deafness, cerebral palsy, etc to serve deaf & blind children aged 3–18 years since from the year 1992.

After intensive training in the special education unit, depending on their abilities children are admitted to mainstream schools alongside their sighted peers. This allows deaf & blind children to gain independence and become part of mainstream life.

This centre is providing Centre based special school providing formal education (primary & secondary) and training in the form or in combination with pre-school intervention, skill of basic management encompassing inputs of personal care, self-help skills, life-skill education, functional academics with required therapeutically intervention (Speech therapy, yoga & Music) to enable the children feel and act like normal children, not being differentiate in the society. Children are given hostel facility and also engaged in academic activities right from class I to class X. Children with visual impairments receive educational services from NSP specifically designed for children who are blind and deaf; special classes, resource rooms, and itinerant teaching services in regular education classrooms within the child's community. In this special school, our organization imparts education by Braille/Sign language method of teaching. Students are trained up with the help of various conventional tools and few modern gadgets also. Training is given to groom them up with special cultural qualities like music, dance, recitation etc. When working on daily living skills with a blind child, our ultimate goal for the child is to transfer the skills learned, into adulthood so that she or he may live as a productive member of our society.

Integrated Education for Children with Disability:

The  centrally sponsored scheme of Integrated Education for the Disabled Children (IEDC) purports to provide educational opportunities for the disabled children in common schools, to facilitate their retention in the school system.  The disabled children who are placed in special schools should also be integrated in common schools once they acquire the communication and daily living skills at the functional level. Some of the disabled children who study In the general primary and secondary schools can't always follow their teachers either due to unawareness of the teacher on teaching techniques in special educational field or due to lack of eagerness or frustration of the disability. Considering this situation NSP has been implementing the Integrated Education for the Disabled Children(IEDC). The Organization has been involving itself for Integrated Education for the Disabled Children of Primary and Secondary schools in this rural part (Kanas & Krushnaprasad Block) of Puri district with its own efforts. This would be an activity preparatory to the child coming into the regular school system.   It would include, among other things, special training for the hearing handicapped children, mobility and orientation training for the visually handicapped, daily living and communication skills training required by children with other disabilities, parent counselling and training in home management of these children.

Working towards our vision of providing every child with her/his right to education, NSP founded IEDC in 1992. Our mission and aim is to install and develop self confidence among the disabled and to remove doubt in their own capabilities so that they can become self employed, self dependent, self respected, and live a own normal life.

Inclusive Education for Disabled at Secondary Stage (IEDSS)

This is a Government Scheme and our organization is the implementing agency. The main aim of this project is to provide educational and schooling opportunity to complete secondary schooling in an inclusive and enabling environment and support the training of general school teachers to meet the needs of children with disabilities at the secondary level.

The Scheme Inclusive Education IEDSS has been commenced by NSP from the year 2009-10 and provides assistance for the inclusive education of the disabled children in classes IX-XII. The Scheme is implemented in four Blocks i.e. Kanas, Delang, Puri Sadar and Puri Municipality of Puri district. Facilities such as education through trained special educators, books and stationery, uniforms, transport allowance, reader allowance, stipend for girls, support services, assistive devices, boarding the lodging facility, therapeutic services, teaching learning materials, etc. are provided to students. The scheme also supports the appointment of special teachers, provision for resource rooms and removal of architectural barriers in schools. To implement inclusive education NSP has trained special teacher including that our executive body members were also specially trained in different category of disabilities and it avail full phased resource room with huge numbers of educational equipments to make success the programme

The scheme is being supported by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India.

"Disability is a Condition not a Disease..... Say Yes for Us Protect Our Rights"

Vivekananda Shikshya Niketan (Montessori School)

NSP has undertaken the task of promoting early childhood education through its pre-primary and primary education center known as “Vivekananda Shikshya Kendra”. This Shikshya Kendra provides education to the children in the age group from 3 to 10 years. We deal with this preprimary level of children by a joyful method of learning rather than punishment based teaching techniques. Our teachers provide them elementary education with motherly loving and caring technique in a nice environment to make them accustomed to the school environment. In the preprimary level, the children learn language & basic numerical lessons. We have been able to introduce a modern method of teaching which these kids enjoy for learning and this method has become popular in our community.  The project has brought an important change in the habit of the children who are eager to come to our school regularly. Teaching technique of our teachers has made our children sharper, intelligent and modest in nature. Implementation of this project has brought a substantial positive change in the outlook of the community people towards the education of little children. Thus, action plans that have been formed, focused on certain priorities, with special emphasis on upgrading schooling, training and education for children and youth. The aim is to protect youngsters from deviation and contribute to their intellectual and physical development, by providing them with support and coaching in education, training, cultural and sports activities.

Dayavihar College:

Dayavihar College  is a glorious institution grows on the bed of the river Daya at Puri in a calm, secluded & ideal site. its campus spreads over a compact area with the luster of green pastures and other natural trees all around. In order to provide opportunity of higher education to  the students of the rural areas of Puri District NSP has established a college named “Dayavihar College” in the remote area of Kanas Block in the campus of Nilachal Seva Pratisthan in the year 1988. The growth of the college to its present shape has been made possible because of the long effort given by its body members and donations received from the generous public, some eminent public figures from U.G.C. and the students from time to time.

Dayavihar College is a premier educational institution of the district that plays a capital role for the cause of Higher Education. The intellectual and academic climate provides a serene and salubrious milieu to the students to pursue their studies. It is practically due to the splendid exhibition of the scholastic caliber of the students that the college occupies a permanent and prominent niche in the educational map of the state of Orissa. During the prolonged period of twenty-six years it has grown up into a center for higher learning and research, recognized by the Govt. of Odisha and affiliated to the Council of Higher Secondary Education/Utkal University, Bhubaneswar. The college is guided by the noble mission “Learning for Leadership”. It is engaged in preparing the talented Youth as responsible and useful citizens  by providing  quality education through academic, cultural and physical activities. Presently the college is imparting higher education in humanities; science and commerce stream both in +2 and +3 stages. With a total students strength of more than 1672, our collage imparts general education as well as various vocational trainings like Computer, Electronics, Tailoring, Appliqué and Patch work. The college is in the process of starting some professional courses like B.Sc in Nursing, IT, MSW, Biotechnology etc.

Over the years the Institution has in terms of infrastructure, Student enrolment and subject options. Needless to say, in keeping with its fast expansion as a premier multi-faculty co-educational institution, it has earned the reputation of attracting the largest no. of emeritus students to its various programme of study from all over the district and outside.

Hostel For Girl Student:

NSP believes that whether you are addressing healthcare, poverty, population control, unemployment or human rights, there's no better place to start than in the corridors of education. Since we believe that education is the only weapon for the backward and downtrodden women to fight against poverty and the only way to establish gender equality, we want to provide more importance to girls’ education. Many girls from poor families, especially in the backward communities of remote villages, generally drop out of school and are being sent away to the cities or nearby towns to work as domestic maid servants.  These girl children work very long hours, have no chance to get education, and are isolated from family and friends. Often they are treated like slaves and are abused physically and sexually too. For motivating the parents of such ill fated girls and to encourage those girl students for the continuation of their studies, NSP is running two girls hostel in Puri Dist. viz . ‘Durga Devi Girls Hostel’ and ‘Dayavihar College Girls’ Hostel’ accommodating 250 girl students. The hostel girls are provided with secondary and higher secondary education along with skill up-gradation / vocational training at the campus college, high school and industrial training centre. Facilities of lodging boarding, recreation, study centre, library, sports and games, daily consumable items, utensil etc. are provided. The project is being supported by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Dept. of Education, Govt. of India since 2004/2005.

Jan Shikshan Sansthan

The Jan Shikshan Sansthan is an institution offering vocational education, adult and continuous education, non formal education through various courses to the disadvantaged groups. Jan Shikshan Sansthan strives to impart occupational skills and technical knowledge to outside main stream of education. Jan Shikshan Sansthan was formerly known as Shramik Vidyapeeth, started by the Government of India in the year 1967.

Jan Shikshan Sansthan, PURI has been functioning since April 2002 exclusively for the PURI district under support of Ministry of HRD ( Dept. of Elementarily Education and Literacy)  Govt of India. NSP is implementing this project covering all the 11 Blocks in Puri District located at the district HQs. in association with Zilla Sakshyarata Samiti(ZSS). The greatest outcome of this project has been vocational skill development of the rural masses, widening the range of people’s knowledge in the social, economic and political system and also on various other important issues like secularism, national integration, population development, gender equality, protection & conservation of environment etc. The Jan Shikshan Sansthan conduct specially designed courses keeping into considerations the needs of the people in order to make them capable of earning their own livelihood. Its main activities and achievements are follows-(i) Vocational Training (ii)Adult Literacy & Life skill Training (iii)SHG & Women’s Empowerment  (iv) Placement & (v) Awareness & Advocacy

The objective of the Sansthan is to cater the need of skill development of trainees of Rural unemployed youth as well as neo-literates/semi-literate Youth and visualize in them the entrepreneurship trend leading to their socio -economic development. The Sansthan implementing near about 152 types of Skill up gradation training and training duration on our campus from 1 month to 1 year as per the need of the trade.

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