Women Empowerment
Short Stay Home:

The need for providing Short Stay Homes for Women and Girls has been due to the changing pattern of life, rapid urbanization and industrialization and the resulting migration from rural to urban areas. The breakup of social institutions like the joint family, contributes considerably in creating problems of adjustment for women and young girls. Cases of marital conflict and emotional disturbance occur. This effort is made by Nilachal Seva Pratisthan to help the women to rehabilitate them- selves within a short period of time. They require help and guidance to regain confidence in themselves to meet the situation and to require skills to become self-reliant and to develop relationships with people that could help in the re-establishment of their status in society. For meeting the situation, institutional services where counseling and guidance, medical and psychiatric check-up and treatment, facilities of development of skills and relationships are provided by Nilachal Seva Pratisthan(NSP) had proved useful. In this line of thinking the Short Stay Home for women and girls run by Nilachal Seva Pratisthan(NSP) extends temporary shelter and rehabilitation to those women and girls who have no social support systems due to family problems, mental strains, social ostracism, exploitation and other causes. The services extended in the home include medical care, psychiatric treatment, case work services, occupational therapy, educational cum vocational training, recreational facilities with all residential care, protection and rehabilitation. In of support Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi, our organization has rehabilitated the women and girls socially and economically by providing skill training and counseling. Training on tailoring, Appliqué work and wick rolling etc. were also given for enabling them to earn after they are reintegrated into the Society. The effort has to be to help the women to rehabilitate themselves within a short period of time.


Trafficking of women and children for immoral activities has become a widespread menace. India has emerged as a source, destination and transit for both in-country and cross border trafficking. The problem of trafficking of women and children for commercial sexual exploitation is especially challenging due to its myriad complexities and variation, poverty, low status of women, lack of a protective environment etc are some of the causes for trafficking. In India, women and girl children are trafficked within the country for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation and forced marriage especially in those areas where the sex ratio is highly skewed in favour of men. Trafficking of women and children for commercial sexual exploitation is an organized crime that violates basic human rights and hence needs special attention for redressal.

In support of Ministry of Women and Child Development, Govt. of India, Nilachal Seva Pratisthan (NSP) has taken up the scheme for the prevention of Trafficking and Rescue, Rehabilitation and Re-integration of Victims of Trafficking for Commercial and Sexual Exploitation since 2009. The main components of this Ujjawala Scheme are (1) Prevention, (2) Rescue, (3) Rehabilitation, (4) Reintegration and (5) Repatriation.

Team NSP with the help of social workers are scattered in the vulnerable places for rescue of the victims. To prevent trafficking of women and children for commercial sexual exploitation NSP manage it  through social mobilization and involvement of local communities, awareness generation programmes, generate public discourse through workshops/seminars and such events and any other innovative activity.

The Project provides opportunity for institutional employment/Self employment for sustaining themselves in the society. After successful completion of the training programme, the women are given a consolidated seed money of Rs. 5000/- (Rupees Five Thousand) for their rehabilitation and self employment with Half Way Home facilities situated at Jhadupada of Puri. Our philosophy is simple - our residents should still feel as if they are living at home with additional support and care.  Therefore, all round care including mental and physical wellbeing are provided at our center.

Swadhar Shelter and Helpline support:

‘Swadhar’ has been designed with a more flexible and innovative approach to cater to the requirement of various types of women in   distress in diverse situations under different conditions.  The  Swadhar Scheme purports to address the specific vulnerability of each of group of women in difficult circumstances through a Home-based holistic and integrated approach.  This program is a noble initiative started in the year 2006, to help women in need of shelter and support. Today, our SWADHAR home houses women from various backgrounds who were once victims of social abuse, trauma, distress etc. To help those women who have been distressed, deserted or otherwise rendered homeless, to overcome their problems and to rehabilitate them, our Organisation works with numerous departments and NGOs. In cases where necessary these women are also given livelihood skills as per their calling and flair to help in their rehabilitation back to the society.

SWADHAR stands for self reliance in hindi, and rightly it strives for self reliance of women in distress. Swadhar Shelter Home & Help line programme run by Nilachal Seva Pratisthan since 1994 with the support of the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India is basically aimed for care, protection and reintegration of destitute women. The objective of this project is to provide happy atmosphere to those of women who are socially victimized, orphan, homeless, and victims from domestic violence/ trafficking/ sexual harassment etc. It provides regular counseling and skill trainings to establish livelihood and financial inclusion. During the stay of the beneficiaries, the following cares are taken scrupulously:

  • Counseling Support

  • Clinical and Legal Aid

  • Vocational Education and Skill Up gradation

  • Formal Education

  • Self Development and Emotional Support

  • Recreation and Entertainment

  • Social Reintegration and Follow up

A Toll Free number for “Helpline” is running for 24 hours to help the women in difficult situation.

Empowering Women through Self Help Group( SHGs) Federation(Registered under Trust):

The Government of India and state authorities alike have increasingly realized the importance of devoting attention to the economic betterment and development of rural women in India. Building capacities of rural poor especially women and youth by promoting and strengthening self-reliant and sustainable institutions to enable them to led the process of development for a better quality of life.Nilachal Seva Pratisthan is one of the pioneers in the promotion of Self-Help Groups (SHG) in Odisha. Its core focus is building the capacities of the Self-Help Promoting Institutions (SHPIs) self-help groups (SHGs) and their federations, people's organizations and government functionaries through trainings, research, advocacy and livelihood promotion. A savings and credit SHG is a simple yet effective way of reaching out and connecting with rural poor women. It has been a catalyst in facilitating the process to get the rural women out of the vicious cycle of poverty. NSP has provided these women the much needed social security and a platform which can address their financial and social needs. it beliefs formation and strengthening of Self Help Groups is very instrumental to provide rights and entitlement to the excluded, vulnerable and derived women in PURI District. Women at large have displayed great strength in the success of the Mission due to their positive contribution to the group dynamics and their natural inclination for savings. It envisage that their role in construct a society  where women are appropriately skilled to undertake their choice of activities without hindrances or dependence and each  having a respect for the values of others and each striving for the good of the greater society. NSP has made a successful, yet a very challenging journey over the past twenty six year and emerged as a trustworthy and credible resource organization at the national and international level in providing technical and managerial services to strengthen the SHGs, SHG Federations and livelihood institutions.

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