Rehabilitation & Reconciliation
Community Based Rehabilitation(CBR):

Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) is increasingly being recognized as a highly effective inclusive development strategy. This programme focuses on capacity building in partner organizations in rural, semi urban areas and slum communities. Grassroots workers are trained to work with the persons with disabilities. Depending on the needs of the organization, specific partnership details are planned, worked out and evaluated together by both organizations in terms of objectives, time, and modality.

In community based programme the disabled person, the family, the community and health professionals collaborate to provide needed services in a non-institutional setting, in an environment where services for disabled persons are seriously limited or totally absent. In this context, these programmes are appropriate in addressing the needs of the disabled especially in the rural setting. Its essential feature is focused on partnership and community participation. The individual is not isolated from the community; family members and community volunteers are part of the rehabilitative process. This can help integrate the person into the community, which is prepared to value the unique contribution, which the person is able to make. Keeping in view, NSP has started the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) programme in Kanas & Brahmagiri Block of Puri district of Odisha state under Deenadayal Disabled Rehabilitation Scheme of Ministry of S. J. & E, Govt. of India, New Delhi. NSP not only provides life-changing rehabilitation to individuals, it also helps to reduce poverty, equalise opportunities and promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities in their communities and the wider society. One of the primary objectives of NSP is to amalgamate disabled people with the mainstream in all aspects of life, and help them lead a normal and dignified life.

Rehabilitation of Deaf & Orthopedic Handicapped:

Rehabilitation of people who are physically challenged is another priority of the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. The project called Community Based Rehabilitation has started since 2004 by Nilachal Seva Pratisthan in Kanas & Delanga Blocks covering 15 Grampanchyats in PURI District of Odisha for the differently disabled people. A comprehensive programme of all-round development including orientation and mobility, communication, peer interaction, play and pre-Brailles skills, is planned. Children with low vision are trained to use their vision effectively. Communication aids, writing aids and other learning materials are modified to suit the needs of children with multiple disabilities and vision impairment. NSP started both residential and daycare, special education/training centres for various disabled groups such as hearing impaired, visual impaired, mentally handicapped, cerebral palsied, locomotors disabled, multiple disabled like deaf-blind, leprosy cured and also for the genetically and hereditary disabled people. Simultaneous with the disability services, NSP were also vigilant to sensitize the issues related to women and children in distress, aged people, hence,  it started appropriate service and treatment centers for them.The objective of the project is to provide a equality status of opportunity and empower them to assertive their rights and entitlement. The project is providing outreach community based rehabilitation to deaf and orthopedic handicapped persons. Various activities are taken up by NSP as always like guiding and providing mobility skills, enhance their communication skills, parental counseling to protect and respect the rights of the disabled person in family and provide care and support, help family to identify the resources and subject material for managing problems, behavior, support, bring home the therapeutic need of the disabled, Provide TLM and other relevant materials, conduct annual clinical evaluation etc. The programme includes community sensitization for the mainstreaming of the disabled persons, survey and identification of the persons with disability followed by counseling, imparting education and training and their economic rehabilitation in the community.

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