Child Development
Sishu Greh:

The title of the scheme may be read as "Scheme of Assistance to Homes (Shishu Greh) for Children to promote In-Country Adoption”. NSP is running Shisu Greh at Dayavihar of Kanas Block in Puri District since 1994 in support of Ministry of Women and Child Development Govt. of India. The objective of this project is to provide shelter and nurture the abandoned relinquished babies and to facilitate in-country adoption for those un-fated babies for an assured better future. This home is for abandoned and destitute children. The children left abandoned or relinquished by the biological parents in any part of Odisha are admitted in Shishu Greh through respective deputy Commissioners of the districts. Nilachal Seva Pratisthan receives such children and provides them with a comfortable stay at Shishu Greh. These children are provided with child care, medical, nutrition facilities. The Home is well equipped with special arrangements for taking care of children with high risk of infection, pre-mature birth, and low birth weight as well as children with normal health. Experienced staff comprising of Medical Officer, Project Officer, Superintendent, Supervisors, Nurse and Child Care Workers are taking care of children and providing them with love and care. The main objectives of the scheme are:

  • To regulate adoption within the country and to ensure minimum standards in care of children;

  • To provide institutional support within the country for care and protection of infants and children up to 6 years of age who are either abandoned or orphaned/destitute and for their rehabilitation through in-country adoption.

  • To promote in-country adoptions.

The project has established linkages with SANJOG (ACA- Adoption Coordinating Agency, Cuttack) OCCW-(Odisha Council for Child Welfare, Bhubaneswar, ) CARA- Central Adoption Resource Authority, New Delhi, CWC( Child Welfare Committee of Concerned District) , District Court of the Concerned District.

Early Childhood Care & Development (ECCD):

Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) represents a holistic approach to ensuring that young children have the necessary support to thrive, learn and develop in a healthy way. This involves providing for the basic necessities of nutrition, protection and health care, while also regularly engaging and interacting with children and securing a safe learning environment. Early childhood care and development focuses on supporting young children’s development. Early childhoodencompasses the period of human development from prenatal through the transition from home or ECCD centre into the early primary grades (prenatal – 8 years of age).It includes health, nutrition, education, social science, economics, child protection and social welfare. The ECCD field strives to ensure young children’s overall well-being during the early years, providing also the foundation for the development of adults who are healthy, socially and environmentally responsible, intellectually competent, and economically productive. The goal of ECCD is to ensure that children reach school age healthy and well nourished, intellectually curious, socially confident and equipped with a solid foundation for lifelong learning. Early Childhood programs have to be invariably taken with a multi-sectoral approach rather than as an activity in isolation.  The program interventions for ECCD cut across areas like Maternal and Child Health, Nutrition, Household Safety and Security, Caregivers’ knowledge and practices etc.  Since 15 Year Nilachal Seva Pratisthan(NSP) is implementing ECCD program me in 14 villages of Kanas Block, NSP is providing both home based and center based care and  learning to the mothers, care givers and service providers as to ensure the overall growth and development of the children.  The ECCD centers are managed by a committee called ECCD Management. NSP in collaboration with ICDS strengthening the Govt run Anganawadi Centers. NSP, through its policy and programs, aims to create 'child safe' environments, both internally and externally, where children are respected, protected, empowered and active in their own protection. It seeks to work with parents, children, community, government and NSP's staff so that they are skilled, confident, competent and well supported in meeting their protection responsibilities towards children.

Children's Home-Care & Protection Of Orphan Children:

Orphan children are the very heart of our mission. Though all come from destitute or desperate situations, they are all cared for as members of our large family and treated as the beautiful individuals that they are. As with all children national wide, each boy and girl comes to us with their own unique dreams, passions and talents. Our job is to develop the whole person, not simply feed and clothe a needy child. Children’s Home supported by the Department of Women & Child Development, Government of Odisha is an alternative home for children without parents, children with single parent and parents of the children affected in prolonged illness. The home is located at the head quarters campus of the organization at Dayavihar (Kanas), Dist- Puri. This programme aims to support under-served orphan children escape a background of poverty, slum life, illiteracy and ignorance by using education as a tool for development. Presently, 150 such children are staying in the home and getting free food, clothing, medical services and facilities for education and vocational training as well.

Majority of the children close to 80 percent are without parents and abandoned. The eligibility criteria for the boys are 5-18 years and for girls it is 5-25 years. The program includes food, nutrition, education to children, health care, recreational activities and cultural opportunities for the overall development of them. It is the goal of the entire staff of NSP to enable children with compromising health issues to grow, develop, and thrive in their homes surrounded by a family that loves them and by workers who truly care for their welfare.

Child Sponsorship Programme:

Nilachal Seva Pratisthan Sponsorship programme changes the lives of thousands of children every year. Our vision of creating a better world for our children works on the simple yet powerful principle that the best way to change the life of a needy child is to change the world in which he/she lives. Child Sponsorship is a meaningful relationship between the sponsor and the child. When you sponsor a child with Chalice, you provide ...educational support, including school materials, books and fees. Sponsorship also provides children with improved nutritional intake, medical care, clothing and footwear, and other basic necessities.To improve the quality of life for the disadvantaged children and their families, child sponsorship programme is being implemented since 1996 with the support of ChildFund India. The project provides support to children, who are disadvantaged and deprived of education. In addition, the sponsorship programme is concentrating on Safe motherhood & neo natal care, Integrated Management Childhood illness, Early Child Care & Development, Child Friendly Schools, Participatory School Governance, Alternative Basic Education, Reproductive Health & Education/Early Pregnancy Prevention, Child Protection & Participation, Advocacy Protection Projects/Programs, Youth Leadership & Social Engagement, Promotion of Self Help Groups for livelihood, Disaster Risk Management etc.

This is a long term project, which aims to develop a cadre of Community Based Organizations who are in turn take the ownership,  control overall resources and assertive their rights and entitlement for their own development. Nilachal Seva Pratisthan is promoting Child Club, Youth Associations, Project Management Committees and Village Development Committee in the programming area.  Total 800 children have been sponsored in 14 villages of Kanas block in Puri district. The Sponsors are mostly from USA, Australia, Denmark, Newzealand, Taiwan and France. There are 436 male child and 364 female child in the age group of 2-12 years out of which 194 Scheduled Caste children, 354 form Other Backward Community and 252 from General Community.

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