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Dignity and Safety assured ..............

Sarojini Mansing

There is nothing impossible in this World. One who faces his/her critical situations with lots of courage and patience must step forward to success. To citing an example there is an innocent women named Sarojini Mansing , aged about† 30 Yrs, educational qualification BA, Vill- Gadia, Po- Jharapada, PS , Ranapur, Dist- Nayagada, w/o- Dibakar Mansing both Dibarkara and sarojini fall in love and they get married with lots of hindrances and non-co-operation of Dibakarís Family. Dibakar loves Sarojni very much. But the rest members of her family torture her mentally and physically. For Dibakarsís love Sarojini endures everything as Godís creation is very strange. After few days Sarojini gave birth to a disabled girl child. By the ill persuasion of his family members Dibakar changed and freed her for more dowry, Sarojini showed her inability for this , as because she knows her fatherís miserable economic condition . So Dibakar and Family member drove her out of their house with her two daughters. After driven out from her husbandís house, she feels like a fish out from water, with a heavy heart and in spite of going her fatherís house , she went to the District Collectorís office and seek her help. The honorable collector assumed and advised her to stay at Short Stay Home of Nilachala Seva Pratisthan. For her children future she took shelter here. She took training on tailoring; she puts her heart and soul in her work. Due to her concentration she gains the day. In due course she got mastery on this trade. She picked up the work little by little; she has lot of faith on her. All the staffs of short stay home love her and they helped her much to reach her goal. Her sincerity owns her laurels in the society. Times by time she started her income through tailoring. Her husband also confessed for her guilty. He felt for what he had done. Project staffs took all the initiatives to communicate with her family through letters. After lot of convincing communication, her husband and villagers finally accepted Sarojini with an agreement not to harass and torture Sarojini in future.† Her husband now changed a lot with the motivation of Sarojini and both are sharing their sorrows and happiness each other and maintaining a peaceful life and her two children are now reading in primary school. After few days to observe her situation the counselor and superintendent had a visit to her house. They become glad to see her giving training on tailoring to the girls and become self-supporting. She earns up to 100 per day. Her family members loves her vary much.

At least on behalf of all inmates of short stay home they wished their happy and healthy life and returned back.

Life Resettled ............

Kuma Jena

Kuma jena aged about 35 year D/o of Ketan Swain, at Damodharpur, Po- Basantapur of Puri District got married to Jalandar Jena at the same village. The husband of Kuma work as a daily labor , he earns money  but all the income spent in drinking alcohol . During 7 to 8 years of her marriage she was given birth to 3 sons. As a drunker person her husband was not able to bear maintenance of her family. Kuma Jena was opposing regularly about the behavior of her husband as most  of the time he was intoxicated with alcohol ,  but Jalandar was not agree to accept  gradually she victimized of tortured and abuse , become shocked mentally and physically which was  unalterable on the part of Kuma . Kuma left him and came back to her parent’s house.  On the ground of bad economic situation of her parent it was great problem for her to stay there. In the mean time she came to know about the “SWADHAR” of NSP from one of her native, as she was determine to   leave her parent’s house, she directly came to   NSP Shelter House with her three sons.

During her stay at the Shelter Home  she developed her interest in wick rolling, and started rolling  with other inmates, for future of her three sons she has forgotten every things which had happening before with her, with strong motivation and will power she could able to earn 1500 to 2500 per month and support her family. Time to time shelter staff used to contact with her husband and try to compassionate with good love and motivation for change, on dated 23rd Jan 2010 the case of Kuma Jena mutually solved, each other and maintaining a peaceful life and her three sons are now reading in primary school.

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